Commercial Kitchen Hygiene Checklist

Everybody in the commercial kitchen industry knows the potential repercussions they face if adequate levels of hygiene aren’t met and kept in their kitchens. Poor hygiene ratings and the subsequent bad press can lead to fines, and an appreciable drop in custom. As commercial kitchen cleaning professionals, kitchen hygiene is our business. Here is a […]

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44% of Customers Would Abandon their Favourite Restaurant if a Low Hygiene Rating was Displayed

A recent report conducted by NFU Mutual on food hygiene ratings, revealed that almost half of the British public would turn their backs on their favourite eating establishment if it displayed a food hygiene rating certificate of less than four out of five. With legislation impending that will force businesses to display their food hygiene […]

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FSA trials remote hygiene monitoring

As the foremost commercial kitchen cleaning company in London, we are always eager to support any new innovation that positively impacts upon food hygiene in the professional kitchen. As such, we were fascinated by a recent feasibility study conducted by the Food Standards Agency, working alongside Cambridge City Council and local tech company CheckIt, regarding […]

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Tips to avoid E.coli cross contamination

As any kitchen worker knows, cross-contamination is among the leading causes of food poisoning. Harmful bacteria are easily spread to ready-to-eat foodstuffs either via direct contact with raw foods or through indirect contact by cleaning materials, contaminated surfaces, equipment or staff. As experts in commercial kitchen cleaning, kitchen hygiene is our job. Contaminated food can […]

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