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Can your business afford a 0 food hygiene rating?

Food hygiene rating

If you run any sort of business that serves food and drink to the public then you will know how important your food hygiene rating is. This is the critical barometer that the general public will use to decide if they feel your premises is safe enough to dine in. Food hygiene ratings go from 0 to 5 and a business is awarded its rating after being inspected by the Food Standards Agency.

How can a 0 rating negatively affect your business?

A 0 is the lowest rating you can be given after your inspection by the Food Standards Agency. The problem for any business that gets a 0 is that the public are well aware of this fact also. If they see a café or restaurant with a 0 rating on display, they will assume it is not safe to eat in and leave. This obviously can have a negative effect on your takings and profit margin. With the access to information the public have now, it will not be a secret for long if your business were to receive a 0.

The other main point that can have a real drawback on your business is the bad press it may earn you. If your business were to receive a 0 rating after inspection and it makes the local news, it could see people deciding to avoid you for a long time to come.

Is a 0 always bad though?

It might surprise you but there are actually some very good establishments that get rated a 0 by the FSA. This is because they rate businesses on three main areas of which food preparation is just one. The FSA also rates businesses on the condition of the building and the standard of the records they keep. As such, one missed entry in an official record or a part of the building in poor repair that the public may not even use can lead to a 0 rating.

With this in mind, it highlights that a business with a rating of 0 might be perfectly fine to dine in with no issues to anyone's safety at all.

Act quickly if it is for hygiene issues

If your 0 rating has been given for food hygiene reasons then it is vital to act quickly to resolve it before your next inspection. By far the best way to do this is by hiring a professional commercial kitchen cleaning company who can give your kitchen a thorough deep clean.

If you need these kinds of kitchen deep cleaning services then call Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd today on 0208 245 8850. Our expert team can discuss your requirements and provide a free quote to help get your kitchen back to its best.

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