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Why You Should use a Professional Duct Cleaning Company in Your Commercial Kitchen


If you own a restaurant, pizzeria, food truck, or any other business that makes and sells food, then it's a good idea to make sure your commercial kitchen ductwork is cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning can prevent the build-up of grease, debris and bacteria which can lead to health issues among your staff, as well as bad odour.

Duct cleaning

Duct work in your commercial kitchen is usually not something that is taken care of by an hourly employee or the manager. The team working on the ducts should be skilled and trained, professional, and goal-oriented and have a particular set of skills. You need to remove the dirt and debris in such a manner that your air duct cleaner does not mess up with the essential equipment in your commercial kitchen.

Most commercial kitchens are in use on a near constant basis, which makes finding the time to perform the thorough deep cleaning that the ducts require a difficult task.

Of course, time is but one of the reasons for hiring a professional duct cleaning company to attend to the ductwork in your commercial kitchen. Here are some others for your consideration:

The right tools for the job

Deep cleaning of kitchen ducts is a specialist job and requires specialist equipment if it is to be performed correctly. This includes steam cleaners and pressure washers, both of which can be expensive to purchase for your own use, and cumbersome to operate without the proper training.

Cleaning chemicals and solutions

As well as certain mechanical tools, it is also important that the right chemicals are used in any duct cleaning operation. A professional duct cleaning company will know which cleaners and degreasers are the best for the job at hand, as well as ensuring that they comply with all Food Standards Agency (FSA) hygiene regulations.

Experience and expertise

When hiring staff for your commercial kitchen, you look for the best people for the job at hand, whether they be chefs, potboys, or front of house staff. You should have the same attitude to duct cleaning. Let a professional duct cleaning firm, with their own team of experienced and highly trained cleaning technicians, perform the job that is outside the remit of your existing kitchen team.

At KDC Food Hygiene Ltd, we have years of experience providing the very highest standard of professional duct cleaning services to commercial kitchens across London. Contact our team today for your free, no-obligation quote.

Why You Should use a Professional Duct Cleaning Company in Your Commercial Kitchen
Article Updated On:
May 20, 2022
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