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What KDC Food Hygiene Ltd Can Do for You

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As a responsible café or restaurant owner, you want to make sure that every inch of your back-of-house is as clean, hygienic and generally safe for use as possible. And what’s more, chances are you’ll have learned by now that keeping things spick-and-span using conventional cleaning provisions isn’t the easiest job in the world.In fact, it can be downright impossible.

And that’s where we come into the picture – to implement a deep and professional cleaning job when and where it’s needed most. As the UK’s leading experts in commercial kitchen cleaning services and kitchen extract duct cleaning, we specialise in deep cleaning the areas of your kitchen that may be out of your reach or even unbeknownst to you. Over the years, we’ve earned an unrivalled reputation up and down the UK as the premier brand to go to for commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Along with high-end kitchen duct cleaning and structural cleaning in general, we’ll also help you devise a professional hygiene programme to ensure your kitchen, canteen or other commercial food preparation areas are kept to the ideal standard at all times.

Compliance with UK Standards

Official hygiene standards as set out by the Food Hygiene Act and the Health and Safety Act are not only wide reaching and demanding, but also quite convoluted. We understand that running a food service business these days leaves little to no time to spend intrinsically studying each and every inch of your kitchen on a daily basis to make sure it’s all up to scratch – there just aren’t enough hours in the say to make it happen.

However, with the occasional use of our kitchen deep cleaning services, we can help ensure that you and your business remain fully in-line with UK standards at all times. From our simplest of canopy services right through to our comprehensive and professional deep cleaning service, we’ll help you tick the right boxes and maintain a working kitchen to be proud of.

Our current client-base includes prestigious brands and businesses from a wide variety of industry areas, including food services, pharmaceutical companies and even the NHS.

The Benefits of KDC’s Cleaning Services

We went into business with the sole aim of putting together an affordable and accessible service package of the highest possible calibre for discerning UK business owners. With our help, we can make sure that you and your establishment:

  • Remain in the Environmental Health Department’s good books
  • Maintain control over bacterial contamination
  • Significantly reduce pest infestation probability
  • Run more efficiently in general
  • Benefit from better working conditions and better employee safety
  • Stand out as a genuinely proactive and forward-thinking business

Why Choose KDC Cleaning?

Of course, we realise we’re far from the only kitchen duct cleaning brand on the UK market, so why choose us over anyone else?

It’s simple – only KDC guarantees:

  • 24/7 business hours – we work around you
  • Our own permanent staff – we never outsource
  • Personalised quotations and proposals
  • Full Public & Employers Liability Insurance
  • An unrivalled track record in the field
  • Archives of feedback from satisfied clients
  • Superior results each and every time

Total Commitment to Quality

Our simple guarantee to each of our clients is that no comparable deal will be found anywhere else to a similar or better standard for a lower price – we exist only to offer the best deals on the market. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you and would be delighted to offer a free quotation and proposal for your premises.

We know deep cleaning might not be exciting, but here at KDC we at least make it affordable and effective!

Contact Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd for more information.

What KDC Food Hygiene Ltd Can Do for You
Article Updated On:
February 6, 2024
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