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What is TR19® Grease - What does it mean for me?


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If you work in a commercial kitchen, you’re likely already aware of TR19® Grease. This is a new specification for kitchen ducts and extraction systems, particularly as it pertains to fire safety management.

As national experts in the cleaning of commercial kitchen ductwork, we have put together the following overview of these new specifications, for the benefit of our new and existing customers.

What is TR19® Grease?

TR19® Grease is a set of specifications drawn up and issued by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Released in July 2019, the purpose of the specifications is to encourage greater standards of compliance by kitchen duct cleaning contractors, like ourselves.

In effect, it is a distillation and clarification of TR/19 (Section 2), which provides the industry with guidance regarding the specific cleaning requirements for kitchen extract systems. As professional kitchen duct cleaners, we following this guidance to the letter. However, many other companies did not. Failure to following the specifications laid out resulted in grease deposits being left behind in kitchen ductwork. This would have been unknown to the kitchen owners, who relied upon their commercial cleaners to complete the work appropriately.

These deposits led to several ductwork fires, resulting in significant fire damage to kitchens and premises, and injuries to staff. Furthermore, kitchen operators found themselves unable to get insurance, due to their failure to comply with TR/19, despite having taken on a commercial kitchen cleaner to handle that.

What is different about TR19® Grease?

Taken from the original guidance and subtly modified for clarity, TR19® Grease is a standalone specification. It emphasises controlling fire risks resulting from grease build-up within kitchen extract systems.

It no longer acts as a set of best practices. TR19® Grease is an official specification applied across the industry. All commercial kitchen cleaning contractors need to follow it to the letter.

In order for cleaning contractors to certify their work as meeting TR19® Grease standards, they must be member of the Ventilation Hygiene Elite (VHE) Scheme, as part of the Building Engineering Services Competence Assessment (BESCA).

What does this mean for me as a kitchen operator?

Very little. You just need to make sure you hire a suitably qualified kitchen duct cleaning company like KDC. Prior to booking, ensure that they are fully-accredited to issue a TR19® Grease compliance certificate.

Showing that you have adopted industry best practice in your commercial kitchen is key to remaining compliant with FSA and HSE regulations. Here at KDC, we have always met the standards expected under TR/19, Section 2, and continue to do so under TR19® Grease. For more information, or to get a free, no-obligation quote, give us a call on 0208 245 8850 today.

What is TR19® Grease - What does it mean for me?
Article Updated On:
February 27, 2024
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