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An Unclean Kitchen Can Cost You Your Business

You may have hated the idea of dishwashing when you were a child, but as you grow you learn how kitchen equipment cleaning requires a high standard when it comes to maintaining an operating business. Commercial kitchens are found in both public and private sectors including the food service establishments, hospitals and nursing homes, school canteens, nightclubs, buildings and offices, sports and entertainment venues, shopping malls, hotels and resorts. With so many areas that can be affected, the urgency of hiring indepth hygiene services is high. Here are some reasons why.


You may think that as long as your professional kitchen is sparkling clean, then you won’t need commercial kitchen cleaning service. But it's what you can't see that matters. Bacteria and germs that are the causes of infection are invisible to the eye and can't easily be disinfected through average cleaning.

Health Hazards

Food preparation frequently presents the problems of smoke, odours and grease. Therefore, effective ventilation is essential. The commercial exhaust system is specifically engineered to maintain clear airflow by extracting vapour, steam and residue. The fan draws in contaminated air, through the grease filters and into the ductwork that removes it from the building. Without regular kitchen steam cleaning, the exhaust system gets grimy causing a significant reduction in its performance. Creating a risk of unhealthy fumes being inhaled by employees and customers.

Business Closure

An unclean kitchen means a risky business. Not only are your employees affected, but prepared food can also be poisoning. If this happens, then you might be subject to legal action and state regulations on health and hazard. This is not only applicable to those in the food industry, but also to commercial businesses.

The Solution

Regular filter exchange and professional deep cleaning services are the best ways to avoid health risks. In addition, maintaining the clean equipment will allow them to have a longer shelf life with maximum efficiency.

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