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Why Clean Kitchen Extract Ducts

Kitchen extract duct cleaning is an absolute must to maintain cleanliness and prevent fires

Many business owners wonder why they need to clean their extraction ducts. This is a task that takes time and money, and many would like to avoid it if possible.

If this sounds like your business, then bad news! Cleaning your extraction ducts is totally necessary, and a legal requirement. Duct cleaning needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to maintain cleanliness, however, it should always be performed by a professional cleaning company. Doing it yourself to save money could result in many problems. Hiring a professional company ensures ductwork is cleaned to the safest and highest standard.

Still not sure why you need to get your extraction ducts cleaned? Read on.

You could cause a kitchen fire

Did you know that 70% of all commercial kitchen fires originate from faulty ventilation and ducting, due to a build of up fat and grease? You cannot afford to have a buildup of fat and grease inside of your ducts, so kitchen extract duct cleaning is an absolute must.

Just because it looks clean to you doesn’t mean it is clean

Having it checked over by a professional is important and will give you an accurate idea of whether it’s clean or not. If fire investigators find that you have not been cleaning your ductwork, you could be prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act.

To prevent fire risks effectively and in keeping with legal requirements, having your extraction ducts cleaned by a professional company is necessary.

A healthy working environment is a must

A healthy working environment is a must for you and your employees. Having your ducts cleans out allows for maximum airflow and hygiene.

If you don’t have your ducts cleaned, they are not going to be able to remove heat, cooking odours, and most importantly carbon monoxide as efficiently. If your ducts are blocked with dirt and grease, you could be breathing in a range of indoors pollutants. You’re also giving pests a warm place to breed.

Prevent legal issues

Preventing legal issues in any business is important. Insurance companies want certification and proof that the duct extract system is regularly cleaned by a competent extract ventilation cleaning company. If you do not have this proof, then you could get in a lot of trouble, whether that’s now or later.

Remember that if your kitchen is inspected, you may be forced to temporarily close because of withdrawal of insurance cover and the hygiene issues present. You will essentially invalidate your insurance cover if you don’t get your ducts cleaned.

By having your ducts cleaned by a professional cleaning company, you will ensure you meet your fire safety obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Bear in mind that only complete and professional system cleaning will be effective, so don’t attempt it yourself.

Kitchen & Duct Cleaning can help you to meet those important safety and hygiene standards with your duct cleaning. Call us today on 0208 245 8850 for more information.

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