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Food hygiene tops list of consumer concerns while eating out


Food hygiene tops list of consumer concerns while eating out

The latest Biannual Public Attitudes Tracker survey released in May 2017 from the Food Standards Agency has revealed what concerns consumers most when eating out. This report is conducted by the Food Standards Agency with the intention of documenting the general public's changing attitudes to the agency and also food-related issues. This most recent report certainly makes for interesting reading in terms of what the population think around dining out.

Consumers are most concerned about food hygiene

The major concern that the Attitudes Tracker shows for the average consumer is that of food hygiene. This was the top food safety issue for people with 36% of those surveyed identifying it as most crucial. This is not a surprise as most people will consider this area to be of paramount importance whenever they eat out.

Another statistic from the report that jumps out is that 29% of people were concerned about the chance of getting food poisoning. Related to the worries over general food hygiene, these both show a clear concern for the public of potential health risks when eating in any food serving establishment. This is an area that any business in this industry must take note of.

How can businesses respond to these findings?

One key point the report also noted was that people measured how clean an establishment was from the appearance and certificates on display showing their hygiene rating scores. Therefore, keeping your premises, and kitchen in particular, spotlessly clean is vital to a business's success within this industry. One great way of doing this is with a regular deep clean of your kitchen. This will make sure it is kept to the highest standard and any potential health hazards to customers are eliminated at source.

If you are needing kitchen deep cleaning services, then let Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd help. Our professional and expert service will keep your kitchen to the highest standards and ensure you have no worries around food hygiene on your premises. Get in touch today for a quote and see just how we can help you meet your customers' needs.

Food hygiene tops list of consumer concerns while eating out
Article Updated On:
November 16, 2021
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