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Food safety: The importance of thorough cleaning procedures

Handwashing kills bacteria

Maintaining excellent food hygiene standards on your catering premises is essential to stay legally compliant. It is also pretty handy for being known as a place that is safe to eat in!

It is often said that one of the most important aspects of protecting your kitchens from harmful bacteria is through thorough cleaning. But why is it so crucial and how can you implement it?

Thorough cleaning for food safety - the why

As noted above, there are legal requirements that you must adhere too when making or serving food to customers. Failure to do so could see you in serious trouble with the authorities in the form of hefty fines or even custodial sentences. Following a regular and thorough cleaning procedure will make sure you stay the right side of the law by killing off harmful bacteria in your kitchen. This, in turn, will eliminate the risk of passing on food poisoning to your clients and also make sure your premises are safe to eat in.

Thorough cleaning for food safety - the how

Luckily, implementing good food safety procedures in terms of cleaning is straightforward. You should always make sure your staff washes their hands before touching any food for starters, this is just common sense, but it still needs to be implemented. This naturally will kill off any harmful bacteria that they may be carrying. Special attention should be paid to cleaning and disinfecting areas and equipment between preparation tasks, especially if raw food has been involved.

You should also remember to conduct a thorough and extensive whole kitchen deep clean to deal with any hidden dangers. This could be in the form of built-up food waste or grease, for example, that could otherwise cause potential issues for your food safety. When you do this, you need to remember to clean extraction ducts as well as other areas.

Let Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd help

If you need professional help with kitchen deep cleaning, then give us a call. We will use our years of experience to ensure that you stay compliant with food safety regulations and also run a pristine kitchen.

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