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Commercial Kitchen Hygiene Checklist


Professional kitchen cleaning checklist

Everybody in the commercial kitchen industry knows the potential repercussions they face if adequate levels of hygiene aren’t met and kept in their kitchens. Poor hygiene ratings and the subsequent bad press can lead to fines, and an appreciable drop in custom.

As commercial kitchen cleaning professionals, kitchen hygiene is our business.

Here is a handy check-list of those things you should be keeping an eye on regularly.

The fridge

  • does the fridge smell thanks to rotting food and mould?
  • have you failed to clean up spillages?
  • is the seal broken or dirty?
  • have the salad trays and shelve been removed and cleaned recently?

The kitchen

The kitchen should be left in a hygienic state at the end of every service. That said, some areas of kitchen cleaning (like extractors) can be difficult to reach and keep on top of, which is why you should always hire an extraction cleaning firm.

  • sinks and drainers
  • splashbacks
  • utensils
  • chopping boards
  • pots and pans
  • deep fat fryers
  • grills
  • ovens
  • work surfaces
  • floor surfaces


Remember that you’re not just cleaning the visible area. Any white goods, or other appliances should be moved to allow you to clean the floor beneath.

  • sweep and mop floors regularly
  • replace mop heads frequently
  • clean the buckets that you use to clean the floors

Electrical switches and sockets

Often overlooked when cleaning, these areas should be checked on a daily basis:

  • cooker timers and main switches
  • sockets
  • plug switches
  • light switches

Doors and handles

Another commonly overlooked area, that should be attended to every day:

  • intercom systems
  • fridge handles
  • cupboard handles
  • pantry handles
  • door handles

At Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd, we are experts in commercial kitchen and extraction cleaning in London and right across the UK. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Commercial Kitchen Hygiene Checklist
Article Updated On:
February 11, 2022
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