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5 tips on stopping the spread of Norovirus this winter


Prevent norovirus

As the winter season approaches, the prospect of Norovirus looms for many catering establishments or indeed anywhere that may serve food. While not life-threatening, it is very unpleasant to suffer from and any commercial premises must do all they can to prevent this disease from being present in their kitchens.

If you are considering how to get ready to beat the spread of this virus for winter, these tips should help:

Keep your kitchen spotlessly clean

Commercial kitchen cleaning is a real must for any food serving business. This kind of deep-cleaning will get rid of any built-up grease and grime within your kitchen, leaving it sparkling clean. It is vital to get a professional deep clean as this will mean you eliminate all germs, both seen and unseen.

Make sure all staff wash their hands properly

One effective way to stop Norovirus spreading is to make sure everyone knows the importance of washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling any food. This will naturally kill off any bacteria present on their person before they touch food that customers will eat.

Use gloves

Another common mistake found in some kitchens is that food handling staff do not wear gloves when working. It is crucial that anyone involved in food preparation always wears disposable hygienic gloves. This will avoid them touching the food with bare hands and passing any bugs onto others.

Don't return to work too early after being ill

With the pressures of modern day work, it can be easy to return to work as soon as you physically can. This is very dangerous in food establishments though, especially if you have suffered from something like Norovirus yourself. If you have been ill, make sure you are fully recovered when you go back to work.

Make sure everyone looks after their work uniform

If you notice any of your staff are wearing a uniform that looks grubby or dirty, then you must act immediately. The many bacteria that can be found on dirty clothes are easily transferred onto food they may be handling. Make sure all staff know the importance of always wearing a clean uniform to work.

If you require deep cleaning services within the UK, then let Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd help. Our professional and experienced service will ensure your kitchen meets the highest standards of hygiene as well as all the legal requirements of operating a commercial catering premises.

5 tips on stopping the spread of Norovirus this winter
Article Updated On:
November 16, 2021
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