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5 Benefits of Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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Our kitchen deep cleaning services thoroughly clean whole kitchens including cooking equipment, structural cleaning including the walls, floors and ceilings, and a full extraction system service which consists of canopy, filter and duct cleaning.

At KDC we specialise in kitchen cleaning services and make sure that your kitchen complies with food and safety regulations.

What Does Deep Cleaning a Kitchen Involve?

  • When conducting a deep clean Kitchen Duct Cleaning remove grease and dirt from kitchens using chemical and manual cleaning methods.
  • We also remove any burnt food deposits from kitchen surfaces and cooking equipment using chemicals and steam cleaning.
  • The process of deep cleaning a kitchen also involves degreasing, descaling and decarbonising all agreed kitchen utensils.

What Are the Benefits of Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

Here are five benefits of deep cleaning your kitchen and why you should consider using our deep cleaning services in your commercial catering environment.

1. Improves Working Conditions for Staff – A kitchen deep clean helps to provide a healthier working environment for members of staff and enables them to manage food hygiene more efficiently.

2. Increased Hygiene - A deep clean can prevent cross-contamination and spreading of bacteria. This means that deep cleaning your kitchen will increase the level of hygiene throughout your commercial catering environment and as a result could reduce the number of customer complaints that your business receives.

3. Reduces Food Borne Diseases – Foodborne illnesses are a major problem for commercial catering environments and can occur if machines used to prepare food, knives, and surfaces are not cleaned adequately. This is why it is important to have your kitchen deep cleaned on a regular basis as part of your food health and safety procedures because it can stop germs from infecting your food and catering environment.

4. Minimise the Risk of Pests – Keeping the cleanliness of your kitchen to a high standard will prevent the infestation of pests. We recommend carrying out a deep clean every six weeks to stop pests and rodents from entering your catering environment.

5. Maintains Food and Safety Regulations – Making sure that your kitchen complies with food and safety regulations will ensure that your restaurant or commercial catering environment is hygienic and ensures that you avoid prosecution and any fines from the environmental health officials.

Do you require a quote for our deep cleaning services? If so, get in touch now on 0208 245 8850 to discuss your requirements and find out more about our services. If you are concerned about the health and safety of your restaurant you might find it useful to read our blog post on how food hygiene ratings work, this discusses what they are, what happens during a food inspection and how they can help your business.

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