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Commercial Kitchen Extraction

Designing & sourcing your brand new commercial kitchen or updating existing equipment can be tricky. You need to ensure you comply with rules and regulations, for example, if you have an extractor you must remember that by law you have to have a 'Certificate of Cleanliness'. A poorly designed kitchen will have a negative impact on your food service, so it's vital to get it right, regardless of the available space and your budget. It's also essential that you ensure that all food hygiene and safety standards are met.

Extractor fans or duct ventilation systems are part of the design and overall feel. Depending upon the size of your establishment you may decide to choose a small or large system to remove smells, poisonous gases and grease required by the Health & Safety Executives and various Local Authorities.

By Law commercial kitchens must be inspected on a regular basis by Local Authorities and Fire Inspectors to review the extraction system and its maintenance programme. You will need to keep a record of your 'Certificate of Cleanliness' provided by a professional duct cleaning company after each visit ready for inspection.

The highly skilled team at KDC have a variety of plans to suit your needs and to ensure your system complies with standards and has thorough routine cleaning plans set in place. It is worth noting that insurance companies will want to see proof that regular inspection and the cleaning of extraction systems are kept up to date, for the safety of customers and employees in case of a fire or poisonous gases escapes. Our customers are safe in the hands of our highly skilled and qualified engineers.

Odours from cooking smells and noise from badly maintained fans can effect neighbours so regular cleaning will ensure the reduction of noise from the fans and potential odour, keeping your equipment in tip top condition. You can rely on us to provide you with a professional and thorough service! Call us today on: 0208 245 8850 to find out how we can help you.

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