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How food hygiene ratings work


Food Hygiene Ratings

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is responsible for providing ratings, from zero to five, for the hygiene standards of most food businesses in the UK.

Why do we need this scheme?

FSA ratings provide customers with a reliable way to judge the cleanliness and safety standards of any commercial kitchen before deciding to buy from them, so failing to achieve a good rating can be disastrous for business.

The primary functions of Food Hygiene Ratings include:

  • Giving customers complete information when choosing where to buy food
  • Keeping up standards in the best performing food businesses
  • Ensuring action is taken by any business not meeting the minimum requirements

Which businesses are subject to FSA ratings?

Most establishments that serve food directly to the public will need to be inspected and given a rating, which is publicly visible on the FSA website and may also be displayed on the premises. Restaurants, takeaways, pubs, hotels, cafes and similar businesses will require ratings.

What happens during an inspection?

When these types of businesses are checked, three main factors will be taken into consideration before a rating is awarded between zero (meaning the business fails to meet major legal requirements) and five (the highest standard).

1) Food health and safety regulations

2) General health and safety regulations

3) Resources and procedures in place for managing safety

This means that everything from food handling to the structural integrity of the building will be considered. Unsatisfactory cleaning of equipment, improper food storage and trip hazards are among the most common reasons that businesses are marked down. In addition, inspectors will check that proper records are kept by managers, and training providing to staff, to ensure regulations are enforced.

Who carries out the inspections?

Local authorities such as councils have the responsibility for carrying out the actual inspections on local businesses. They do this on behalf of the FSA, who are in turn responsible for ensuring all inspections are completed to a consistent standard across the country.

How can KDC help your business?

Our commercial kitchen deep cleaning services are designed to help businesses meet the legal requirements to achieve good Food Hygiene Ratings. Kitchen ducts, extraction fans and ventilation systems are a major part of what we do, and cleaning these is vital for fire safety as well as hygiene concerns. We also provide professional cleaning for walls, floors and ceilings as well as all types of kitchen equipment to ensure proper standards are met consistently.

For more information or to get a quote for your business, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss what you need.

How food hygiene ratings work
Article Updated On:
February 11, 2022
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