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Structural cleaning: eliminating hidden threats


Structural cleaning - walls

A commercial kitchen is vital to the operation of any successful business or organisation, be it a restaurant, hospital or care home. But are you doing enough to ensure every part of your kitchen is fully free from grease, germs and bacteria?

While the day-to-day cleaning – and even a deep clean – may eliminate visible stains, spillages and general grease build-up, it’s the places you can’t see that are often the most dangerous - and the most overlooked.

The risks

Each day, germs and bacteria grow not just on our visible surfaces, but in the places we’d probably never of thought about before, too. All this contamination and build-up of bacteria can put us in serious breach of health and safety legislation, and could lead to nasty consequences for our business.

If bacteria from out-of-sight areas were to make their way into our busy preparation or storage areas, it could lead to serious cross contamination. This could result in food poisoning to those we serve – or sickness amongst kitchen staff. But that’s not all: when grease builds up in areas we can’t see, we put ourselves at serious risk of causing a grease fire, which have become all too common in kitchens with poor cleanliness.

It’s also important to remember that as food hygiene and deep cleaning becomes more and more important to Environmental Health Officers, any signs of contamination or grease in those areas we often overlook will lead to you falling foul of the industry’s stringent guidelines.

Structural cleaning - ceiling

The solution

All these hidden risks can be eliminated with Kitchen and Duct Cleaning’s structural cleaning service. By getting to those hard-to-reach places on our walls, ceilings, and floors, structural cleaning can ensure that all our kitchen space is free from grease and bacteria.

Going beyond the surfaces, we consider every last detail of your kitchen – from your light fittings, vent covers and complicated pipework, to behind your appliances, underneath sinks and the areas of your floor you’ve never been able to get to. We ensure there’s nowhere left for bacteria to breed and dangerous grease to culminate.

If you’d prefer not to take the risk, call us on 0208 245 8850 or email deepcleaning@btconnect.com for a structural cleaning quote.

Structural cleaning: eliminating hidden threats
Article Updated On:
November 16, 2021
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