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Reduce Your Risk of Fire

Learn how regular cleaning of kitchen extractors is crucial for fire safety and compliance in commercial kitchens.

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Commercial kitchens hinge on the efficiency of their extractor systems to manage grease and reduce fire risks. Yet, without diligent cleaning, these systems risk safety and compliance. This article highlights the significance of regular maintenance for kitchen extractors, emphasizing the need for professional services to maintain operational safety and insurance standards.

Despite the efficiency of canopy filters in capturing grease, accumulations are bound to occur over time. Without regular cleaning of kitchen extractors and canopies, grease becomes hard to remove once it solidifies. Neglecting the cleanliness of kitchen canopies and filters compromises not just the extraction system's efficiency but also diminishes the lifespan of the canopy fan. The vaporised grease from commercial cooking, unable to be fully captured by filters, fills the ductwork, which often extends throughout a building, creating a significant fire risk.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Failing to maintain and clean kitchen canopies, filters, ducting, and fans might also invalidate your insurance coverage. Insurance terms now require regular cleaning of these components. The cleaning frequency is crucial for maintaining safety standards:

  • Light Use (2-6 hours a day): Clean annually
  • Moderate Use (6-12 hours a day): Clean every 6 months
  • Heavy Use (12-16 hours a day): Clean quarterly

Professional Cleaning Services

Specialist contractors should perform this cleaning at least once every 12 months. At Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd, we've noted the severe impact on businesses that neglect regular grease removal from canopies and ducts by a certified commercial kitchen cleaner. It's vital to choose a comprehensive, professional duct cleaning service to eliminate hazardous grease buildup on duct surfaces.

Our team of canopy cleaners is extensively trained, adhering to B&ES TR19 standards, ensuring a high-quality service. Upon completion, we provide a hygiene certificate for display or insurance verification. Trust Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd for a meticulous and professional cleaning service.

Trust Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd

For more details on our services, please look around our website.

Reduce Your Risk of Fire
Article Updated On:
February 6, 2024
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