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Is your school kitchen as clean as you think?


Is your school kitchen as clean as you think?

While we don’t like to think of schools as businesses, the fact is that the food hygiene regulations that apply to catering and hospitality firms need to be adhered to by any premises serving food to the public. This principle extends to kitchens and cafeterias in schools, colleges, and other learning establishments.

Remaining compliant with the law

There are no unique rules specific to school kitchens when it comes to health and hygiene, so there’s no excuse for not maintaining the same high standard of food safety as you would expect from any eating establishment. Rigorous adherence to food hygiene legislation is essential if you expect your school to remain compliant with the law, as well as limiting the possible risk of cross contamination and subsequent food poisoning.

Here at Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd, we help schools across the country to maintain the high standards expected of them. Whilst a lot of health and hygiene related issues occur as a result of poor food-handling and storage processes (keeping cooked and raw meats together in a refrigerator, or using the same chopping board for meat and vegetables, for instance), there are other potential dangers lurking in many school kitchens that often go unnoticed and unchecked.

While many kitchen operators understand the importance of cleaning surfaces and utensils correctly, there are those other parts of the kitchen that we often forget about, as they form part of the day-to-day background of our work environment. Cooker hoods, extractor fans, ductwork, and the like are coated in a light mist of oil, grease, and other cooking fats on a regular basis, simply through a kitchen’s everyday use.

Deep cleaning your kitchen

Easy to ignore, if allowed to build up, these essential parts of your kitchen’s infrastructure become both a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria, as well as a potential fire hazard for your employees and pupils. A thorough deep clean of your kitchen ducts and hoods by experienced professionals using the appropriate equipment should be part of your kitchen maintenance regime, eradicating these serious risks and improving that all-important food hygiene rating.

If you want to ensure the cleanliness of your school kitchen and to improve its food hygiene standards, give Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd a call today on 0208 245 8850 for your free quote. We provide essential and effective school kitchen deep cleaning solutions in London and across the UK.

Is your school kitchen as clean as you think?
Article Updated On:
February 11, 2022
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