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National Restaurant Chains Shamed Over Food Hygiene

National Restaurant Chains Shamed Over Food Hygiene

We take a real interest in food hygiene news and developments in the UK, since the majority of our customers make use of our services because they want to follow the law and run a safe business. Kitchen equipment cleaning, ductwork cleaning and so on are all an important in any commercial kitchen for maintaining good, sanitary conditions.

Unfortunately, not all businesses take the same approach, so we know our work is never over. Even in places where you would expect high standards to be maintained, such as national well-known restaurant chain outlets, independent research has uncovered the need for drastic improvement.

For example, in the past couple of years, names you’ll see in many UK cities have come under fire after being rated below the minimum expected threshold for food safety. These include names like Pizza GoGo, Chicken Cottage and Little Chef, all of which had unacceptably high failure rates for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspections carried out by local councils. Meanwhile, other big chains like Nando’s, TGI Friday’s and Pret A Manger did consistently well.

What does the FSA check?

The inspection process for any organisation carrying out checks according to FSA guidelines is stringent and strict. Inspectors will take a comprehensive look at food preparation, storage and cooking areas, which is why we at KDC take an equally thorough approach to our deep cleaning services.

They also check other aspects of your premises such as floors, ceilings and walls, which is why we can also include structural cleaning. The only thing we can’t help with is keeping your paperwork in order, but this also counts towards your FSA rating!

How does this affect my business?

You should definitely take note of the consequences other businesses have faced in the past as a result of a low food safety rating. Before 2005, it wasn’t legally required for local councils to make these ratings publicly accessible, but after several controversial cases this was changed. Now, the findings from these inspections have to be published so a poor rating will quickly reflect badly on your business.

Aside from the negative publicity and backlash you could expect following an unsatisfactory rating, there might be even more severe consequences including fines, compensation, other legal costs, immediate closure and even prison sentences. Never take the risk when it comes to your employees’ and your customers’ health and safety, not to mention the future of your business.

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