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Nitrogen Dioxide Danger


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Cleanliness can never be overstated. In every aspect of everyday life, the maintenance of cleanliness is a most important activity. Be it personal or otherwise, being clean can only be described as an ideal state that everyone and everything should aspire to. There are spaces, however, that are expected to maintain a high level of cleanliness. Some of those places do not only have to deal with expectations, for it is something that is demanded of them.

A commercial kitchen is one such space. There is no question that it has to be kept clean and well maintained at all times. So many people could get affected if it is not kept that way and harmful bacteria and substances get into the food that’s prepared there. An even bigger risk involves the possibility of the area being contaminated by poisonous gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and others.

Exposure to poisonous gases like Nitrogen Dioxide poses many risks. Coming into contact with it can cause to irritate and then burn the eyes and skin. Potential eye damage may result from it. Prolonged or repeated exposure could also lead to permanent lung damage. So there is indeed good reason to make sure that commercial spaces are free from this and other similar substances.

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Nitrogen Dioxide Danger
Article Updated On:
February 11, 2022
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