Tumble Dryer Duct Cleaning

Over a period of time, dust, & lint build up and will begin to block the tumble dryer duct. This reduces efficiency as well as creating a fire risk.

Tumble dryer duct cleaning

The Problem

Tumble dryers create a lot of air that moves through the ducting or fluepipe. The more air that moves through these pipes, the more efficient the dryer will be. Over a period of time, dust, lint and other materials build up and will begin to block the duct. As the ducts block, the air can’t move through as efficiently therefore costing more to operate the machine. Not only will the machine not work as well, it will cause a real fire risk!

The Solution

KDC will clean the ducting thoroughly, removing all dust, lint and material deposits using brushes and vacuums as required. We will provide before and after images of the clean as well as providing a certificate on completion.

Tumble dryer duct  Tumble dryer duct after

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