Kitchen Extraction & Extract Duct Cleaning

Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd specialise on Kitchen Extraction Cleaning which includes removing the grease on canopies and ductwork which are a real fire risk

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At KDC, one of our primary specialities is cleaning canopies, ducts, fans and filters thoroughly in order to fully clean out your commercial kitchen extraction system. This process removes grease and fat deposits which tend to build up over time, especially in busy restaurants, pubs, schools, canteens, hospitals, care homes and similar environments. All jobs are cleaned to BESA TR-19 standards, and we provide photo evidence of the clean plus a certificate of hygiene on completion.

It’s very common for extract ducts, filters and so on to be left for long periods of time without being cleaned. This is often because these places are out of sight, so they can easily be forgotten. Even if you’re aware of the need to keep them clean, doing so can be difficult and inconvenient, especially without the specialist tools and skills we have at our disposal at Kitchen and Duct Cleaning Ltd.

The need for getting these specific areas cleaned should not be underestimated. There are three major reasons to take this seriously:

  • Hygiene risk – Areas in your extract ducts, canopies and similar areas that become clogged with a layer of grease will often become ideal breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Fire risk – Fat deposits in your ductwork can be extremely flammable, meaning in the event of a fire in your kitchen, it could spread dangerously quickly.
  • Legal risk – There are specific regulations relating to health and safety at work, and particularly in the category of fire regulations, which must be adhered to by anyone operating a commercial kitchen. At KDC, we are experts at ensuring you are compliant with regulations, in order to help you operate as a responsible business and minimise the risk of legal costs and consequences later.


Our deep cleaning service is always tailored to your exact needs, but in general we would recommend booking a thorough clean of your entire kitchen somewhere between every three months and once per year. If you would like to speak to us about this in more detail, we are always happy to arrange and assessment and give you more specific advice on how often you should arrange a full clean for your catering facilities, including your extraction duct system

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