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Top Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Kitchen Extract Filters

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Whilst most commercial kitchens are thoroughly cleaned and taken care of regularly; it's common for kitchen extract filters to be unchecked over time. The purpose of the kitchen extract filter is to allow ventilation between the indoor kitchen and exterior space. Additionally, the hood of the filters reduces grease build-up and blockage. Grease blockage can cause serious fire hazards and safety issues, so it is essential to maintain your kitchen extract filters.

Dangerous to health and the safety hazards of your kitchen space

An unkempt kitchen extract filter can cause fire safety hazards and health risks for employees occupying the kitchen. When cooking takes place, various pollutants and food odour are released during the process. To keep your extract filters regulated and operable, here are some essential tips to get you started.

1.) Implement a schedule to thoroughly clean your extract filters based on the size of the kitchen and the hours it is used each day. The more your commercial kitchen space is in use, the more frequently your kitchen extract and hood will need to be cleaned.

2.) Use a professional extraction cleaning service to assess and clean your kitchen spaces. This doesn't have to occur every day, a weekly or monthly assessment is recommended to ensure that your kitchen is clean and safe to use.

3.) Make sure to change and clean your grease filters properly to prevent blockage and excessive build-up. Make sure that the grease is collected in a non-flammable container to avoid potential fire hazards.

For a regular assessment and deep clean of your kitchen space, make sure to pick the extraction cleaning service from KDC Food Hygiene Ltd We can provide you with frequent checks and make sure that your kitchen filters are operable and safe. We also offer a deep clean service, ensuring commercial kitchens comply with health and safety regulations. Call us on 0208 245 8850 for more information.

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