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The Risks of not Cleaning Your Extraction Ducts

Extraction duct before and after

Deep cleaning is an essential part of any commercial kitchen’s hygiene regimen, and no part is more important than the extraction ducts. Often forgotten about, they are a crucial element of the kitchen’s continued operation, posing a serious fire risk if it is not adequately cleaned.

Why is a poorly maintained extraction duct so dangerous?

Quite aside from the build-up of bacteria inside and outside your extraction ductwork, the fire risk they pose can present a more immediate problem. Extraction ducts remove hot and humid air from the kitchen for the health, safety, and comfort of your staff. While the steam and hot air are taken from the building, particles of fat, grease, and oil settle on both the exterior and the interior of the ductwork. Over time, this builds up into a significant layer of highly flammable material in a room regularly open to high temperatures and naked flames.

How dangerous is it?

Forensic fire investigators report that about a quarter of the fires they look into are made worse thanks to an uncleaned extraction duct. Aside from the immediate danger to workers in the kitchen, the ductwork and vents themselves allow the fire to spread, acting as a chimney for the flames, directing them into other parts of the building. This is before we consider the hygiene concerns of a vast area of congealed fat hanging over food preparation surfaces.

What can I do about it?

The only solution is to have deep extraction cleaning done by a professional. Whilst you may think you can handle the job yourself, extraction ducts are often constructed in such a way as to make certain parts inaccessible to someone who is not professionally trained and experienced. With so much at stake in terms of liability, loss, and reputation, why take the risk?

Here at Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd, extraction ducts are our speciality. Our team of highly-trained and qualified technicians deliver quality extraction cleaning in London and across the whole of the UK, so get in touch with us today for your free, no-obligation quote.

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