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How Covid-19 is Spread on the Soles of Your Shoes

Covid-19 is spread on the soles of your shoes

With much of the country opening up again following the coronavirus lockdown, many of us are anxious to prevent a second wave from shutting things down again. Owners of commercial premises across the UK are introducing new measures to keep their businesses free of COVID-19, protecting both staff and customers alike.

Hand-sanitisers are a familiar sight in shops, restaurants, and other commercial buildings around the country; people are wearing face masks in shops as a matter of course; and companies in general are being more aware of their existing cleaning regimes.

One thing that tends to get overlooked in many commercial properties is the floor and that can be a problem. Even at the best of times, shop and restaurant floors can be a breeding ground for disease and bacteria. Dozens of people and more patronise your business every day, tracking in all manner of grime they might have inadvertently wandered through.

Since coronavirus is specifically spread through respiratory droplets (sneezes, coughs, and the like), such heavier-than-air particles end up on the floor as a result of gravity alone.

So what is the solution? Structural cleaning, of course.

What is structural cleaning?

Structural cleaning is an in-depth cleaning regime that takes in every aspect of your commercial premises. While regular cleaning concentrates on those areas that are in everyday use – such as work surfaces, appliances, and the like – structural cleaning takes a more holistic approach.

The importance of structural cleaning

Our structural cleaning service has always been popular in premises that demand the very highest in public hygiene. This includes hospitals, care homes, hospices, restaurants, and more. In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, even regular commercial establishments are recognising how essential structural cleaning can be.

Hidden germs and bacteria

Areas that are tucked away behind appliances, equipment, or furniture tend to get missed during your day-to-day cleaning routine. This makes them hotbeds for possible infection, particular in commercial kitchens, where grease and other contaminants can gather.

Deep cleaning your floors

While structural cleaning encompasses ceilings, walls, and all other surfaces, it’s the floor that we’re considering here. Our service can be applied to any type of flooring, including quarry tiles, altro, non-slip tiles, vinyl, and more. We have a range of specially-formulated cleaning products and professional cleaning equipment that make short work of grease, grime, and bacteria on your floor.

Here at Kitchen & Duct Cleaning, we provide an in-depth cleaning service that is second to none. Our structural cleaning service ensures a clean and sanitised environment from top to bottom. For more information, give us a call today on 0208 245 8850 for a free, no obligation quote.

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