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COVID-19 Deep Cleaning for Schools


Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson have both confirmed that they are committed to getting children back into school as soon as possible as the country slowly eases out of lockdown.

One of the key concerns among parents and teachers alike is how safe the children will be when they return to school. There are many solutions being suggested, but one thing that seems to be agreed upon across the board is the need for improved hygiene and cleaning routines.

Here at Kitchen and Duct Cleaning, we provide an extensive range of cleaning solutions ideally suited to the school environment.

Bespoke deep cleaning solutions for schools

Whatever your school needs in terms of deep cleaning, we can provide. Here are just some of the deep clean solutions we offer:

Kitchen deep cleaning: as our company names suggests, our business was founded performing deep cleaning services for commercial kitchens. The techniques we have developed over the years are just as valid for school kitchens, preventing build up of both bacteria and potential fire risks.

School deep cleaning: our deep cleaning process is equally effective around the rest of the school and is a valuable tool in the fight against coronavirus. Since COVID-19 has been shown to linger on surfaces, our deep cleaning process is an effective way to eliminate it from the school premises.

Fogging: one of our most effective deep cleaning techniques, fogging involves dispersing chemical disinfectants into the air as a fog of liquid droplets. This helps combat airborne microbes as well as getting into all the nooks and crannies that could otherwise be difficult for us to clean effectively.

Here at KDC we have been using the most stringent infection control cleaning and fogging processes in the industry, eradicating surface-borne and airborne infections in care homes, hospitals and other premises across the country. You can find more information on our school kitchen cleaning as well as our infection control cleaning services on our website, or contact us on 0208 245 8850.

No better time

With most schools only open for vulnerable children and the children of key workers, providing a full deep clean to the premises is easier now than when the school returns to full capacity. What’s more, we are able to arrange your deep cleaning for outside of school hours.

Government funding

The Department for Education has recently announced government funding is available for schools that have had confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on their premises to facilitate a full deep clean.

If your school is in need of a quality deep cleaning service, anywhere in the UK, contact Kitchen and Duct Cleaning today for your free, no-obligation quote.

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