The Risks of not Cleaning Your Extraction Ducts

Deep cleaning is an essential part of any commercial kitchen’s hygiene regimen, and no part is more important than the extraction ducts. Often forgotten about, they are a crucial element of the kitchen’s continued operation, posing a serious fire risk if it is not adequately cleaned. Why is a poorly maintained extraction duct so dangerous? […]

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How Kitchen Deep Cleaning can help to Combat the Increase in Salmonella Typhimurium Cases

Recent reports from the Food Standards Agency indicate that cases of salmonella typhimurium are on the rise in the UK. Prior to July 2017, only two cases of this particular bacterium had been reported in England. Between July 2017 and October 2018, some 283 cases have been reported across the UK. Investigations suggest that the […]

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Why You Should use a Professional Duct Cleaning Company in Your Commercial Kitchen

Anybody who spends any time in a commercial kitchen will understand the importance of deep cleaning the ductwork. It does not take long in a busy kitchen for the ducts to become caked in a build-up of grease and dirt, making them both a hygiene risk for clients and a health and safety hazard for […]

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How Often Should my Business Clean its Kitchen Canopy to Remain BESA TR/19 Compliant

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, one aspect that is often overlooked is the canopy. Indeed, many commercial kitchen deep cleaning services do not even include canopy cleaning as part of their itinerary. At Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd, we believe that deep cleaning of the canopy in a commercial kitchen should be treated […]

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