Is your restaurant insurance valid?

As one of London’s foremost restaurant cleaning companies, we have worked with commercial kitchens all over the capital and across the rest of the UK. One of the more common reasons for a restaurant to get sued is that a customer has come down with a bout of food poisoning after eating there. While this […]

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5 warning signs that your kitchen needs a deep clean

As London’s premier kitchen cleaning provider, Kitchen & Duct Cleaning knows that some businesses will put off completing a deep clean for one reason or another, but there comes a point where there really is no other option. Here are five signs that your kitchen needs a deep clean… Smell Often the first indicator that […]

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How to tell if your restaurant needs a deep clean

The UK has some of the most stringent health and hygiene regulations in the world when it comes to food preparation and, as a restaurant owner, it is your duty to see that they are met. In fact, the title of this blog is a question that shouldn’t need asking – your restaurant does need a […]

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Does your commercial kitchen adhere to legal fire regulations?

Fire safety in the workplace is a serious business, particularly in a commercial kitchen where the risk of fire is that much greater, owing to the presence of open flames, combustible materials, and other potential hazards. The ‘responsible person’ As the ‘responsible person’ (as described under UK employment law), you have a duty to both […]

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