How Often Should my Business Clean its Kitchen Canopy to Remain BESA TR/19 Compliant

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, one aspect that is often overlooked is the canopy. Indeed, many commercial kitchen deep cleaning services do not even include canopy cleaning as part of their itinerary.

At Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd, we believe that deep cleaning of the canopy in a commercial kitchen should be treated as a priority, which is why we include it in all our commercial kitchen deep cleaning services.

Why is canopy cleaning so important

Kitchen canopies tend to attract grease, carbon, and various fatty deposits during extended use, which end up coating both the inside and the outside of the canopy. Aside from the obvious hygiene concerns having all this old dirt and fat in such close proximity to food preparation areas, failure to clean the canopy properly can constitute a serious fire risk. Additionally, a clear canopy improves airflow and ventilation to the kitchen. Failure to keep it adequately cleaned can mean you’re in breach of BESA TR/19 guidelines.

What does canopy cleaning involve?

At KDC, our canopy service includes a deep clean of the canopy and the plenum chamber, thoroughly eliminating grease, dirt, and fat from the extraction system and the filters in accordance with the BESA TR/19 Guide to Good Practice.

Canopy - before

Canopy – Before

Canopy - After

Canopy – After

How often should a business clean its canopy to remain TR/19 compliant?

It depends on how often the canopy is utilised, but even the lightest use should require an annual cleaning of the canopy at the very least. The following should be able to give you a good guideline:

  • light less than 6 hours a day – annual cleaning
  • moderate between 6 and 12 hours a day – six-monthly cleaning
  • heavy more than 12 hours a day – quarterly cleaning


At Kitchen & Duct Cleaning Ltd we are fully BESA accredited and our team of professional kitchen deep cleaners are fully-trained and qualified in the field of canopy filter cleaning, among the many other commercial kitchen deep cleaning services we provide. If you wish to remain TR/19 compliant then KDC can help you. Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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