Structural cleaning: eliminating hidden threats

A commercial kitchen is vital to the operation of any successful business or organisation, be it a restaurant, hospital or care home. But are you doing enough to ensure every part of your kitchen is fully free from grease, germs and bacteria? While the day-to-day cleaning – and even a deep clean – may eliminate […]

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Why Clean Kitchen Extract Ducts

Many business owners wonder why they need to clean their extraction ducts. This is a task that takes time and money, and many would like to avoid it if possible. If this sounds like your business, then bad news! Cleaning your extraction ducts is totally necessary, and a legal requirement. Duct cleaning needs to be […]

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5 Benefits of Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Our kitchen deep cleaning services thoroughly clean whole kitchens including cooking equipment, structural cleaning including the walls, floors and ceilings, and a full extraction system service which consists of canopy, filter and duct cleaning. At KDC we specialise in kitchen cleaning services and make sure that your kitchen complies with food and safety regulations. What […]

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When Is Deep Cleaning Required in Hospitals

There are various methods used for hospital cleaning used across the country, one of these techniques is the use of deep cleaning. Deep cleaning should be conducted as well as a regular cleaning routine and should not be completed as a substitute. This is a thorough cleaning procedure which often consists of hospital wards being […]

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